Patricia Ellis

“P A T R I C I A    E L L I S,

If the creator had just one face, then it must be yours.  I see spirit, blatant and surreal in the atmosphere that surrounds you.  As the Eagle of Freedom Street, my life stands still,

anticipating your entrance onto the grandest stage of all, life.  There are philosophers and kings, prime ministers and humanitarians.  Until the world has seen you, they have yet to glimpse the profound. For there are no words, that exceed your wisdom and insight.”

Excerpted from Ephemorphosis.

It would be impossible to speak about Green Oceanic Rhythm, without acknowledging the mind behind this endeavor. Patricia Ellis is truly a force to be reckoned with. A woman with an unshakable faith, who has chosen to take life by both hands and run with the torch. Her heart the most resilient reflection of the divine.

To see her is the gaze into the face of the universe and finally, understand that home is not found within the context of four walls, but it inside you and I. Where ever loves lives and breathes, there you will find home.

If you were to ask Patricia about her journey, she may answer with a slight nod or the simple movement of her hands. When and if she chooses to speak, you can be sure that you will never know where she is coming from. She is indeed a colorful expression of all that life has to offer. Her mind traversing between sound waves. An ecological empire that has begun that not only seeks to unravel layers of truth but to spread this message to others.

The world is a molecular playing field in her hands and she is the scientist. She works with very little bravado, drawing virtually no attention to her craft but manages to output portraits of beauty.

Where does she draw her inspiration from?

In a simple word, the creator but it is so much more than that. Patricia Ellis understands that everything in this world is in a symbiotic relationship with each other. For anything to function, one must not neglect all of the attributes that cause it to work. By infusing each moment with joy, laughter, and gratitude. By intrinsically entertaining the hidden desires that are found in every spirit, it is not only possible to thrive in the wilderness but to overcome.

We are all musicians and artist in own right. Every step that we take is simply the notes to the larger orchestral symphony. As a solo, we can be intense, creating single dynamic sparks that light up the entire earth but together we are so much more. Indeed like Patricia Ellis, we are splashes of paint against the canvas of life. Our existence melting together to create endless shades of possibility.

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