Cro Poem

The Rasar Chronicles Poetry Companion

Cro Poem comprises 30 poems; each piece a heartbeat and an identity of its own, expressing the trajectory of a journey…an intrinsic combination of verse and narration!

Cro Poem tells the story of Cro and his communion with the eternal Goddess Eagle, that leads to the conception of humanity.

It delineates Cro’s evolution from a primordial being into a fully conscious human. It is therefore an exploration of the realities of the light and the dark.

Also by M. C. Rose

The Rasar Chronicles Book Two

Cro’s journey unfolds in A History Of Light and Darkness. The second installment of The Rasar Chronicles. Ten years has passed since Cro broke through the veil of time and left the Bengata.

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M. C. Rose is a writer from Montreal.  She believes that literature should be a transcendent experience. That true poetry comes from artistic and emotional vulnerability…

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