Green Oceanic Rhythm, is truly a profound community of individuals. Providing insight into the most integral parts of life. If you are looking for guidance, pondering the mysteries of the universe, you won’t find a better place to look for these answers.
~ M. C. Rose

There’s a sort of mathematical equation to consider when you think of Green Oceanic Rhythm.

Subtract the Green from the rest of our namesake and we would simply be a small collective of artists striving to put ourselves on some artistic pedestal but combine and multiply these three words with Passion, Ingenuity, and creativity and you have the basic elements that are the driving force behind Green Oceanic Rhythm.

Separately we are a talented, diverse group of individuals, with a wide spectrum of Gifts. We are musicians, songwriters, fashion designers, writers, spoken word artists. We are Painters and Lovers of life, with deep connections to the world beyond our fingertips. Together we are a dynamic powerhouse, with the ability to infiltrate every spectrum of the Globe. We have a mandate that stretches as far as the Ocean and we will continue to pursue our goals until we have flooded every nation with the message for change, that we must deliver.

We produce more than music. We are the drumbeat of the human heart, the syncopation of souls starving for truth. We are not afraid to deliver this truth, through whatever mean’s possible. We believe that music not only moves the individual to dance, sing or create but inspires an uplifting dynamic for a better life. We are rhythmic in all walks of life, and strive to create soundtracks for life. One that will not be forgotten but becomes the song on everyone’ lips. A universal anthem for those who want to separate themselves from generic mundane existence.