The Last Blackbird

The Rasar Chronicles

By M. C. Rose

The earth’s first monarchy springs forth from the union between the Eternal Goddess Eagle and the ethereal creature Cro in the forge of time. The scales of an erstwhile peaceful earth turn adversely as human history finds itself in a vortex of struggles occasioned by the intense persecution, oppression and captivity the descendants of Cro and Eagle experience. Would the inhabitants of earth know once again its pristine and peaceful beginnings?

Colonialism and human experiences of generational suffering are enduring memories in the annals of time. The Last Blackbird, the first of a trilogy, explores these unfathomable consequences and the possibility of a world devoid of mutual distrust in its spell-binding, fluid narrative.

In The Last Blackbird, M. C. Rose masterly captures the picturesque impulses of human thoughts and actions on the canvass of time in a most refreshing way. This intricate web of a well-plotted fantasy, ultimately engenders a rethink on our march forward as a human species.

The Last Black Bird explores the unfathomable consequence of colonialism and the human experiences of generational suffering. This is the first book of a trilogy.

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About The Author

M. C. Rose is a writer and Web Designer from Montreal. She believes that literature should be a transcendent experience. That true literature comes from artistic and emotional vulnerability …

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