Wendy Jackman

Wendy Jackman is a woman of many gifts. Her entire existence has been dedicated to bringing joy to the hearts of those around her.

From piano compositions, to floral design and poetry, she is an endless fascination of remarkable talent. She is passionate about lifting others and inspiring them to find the beauty within themselves.

With a soft spoken voice that continues to bring healing to lives of others, she is both a remarkable power force to be reckoned both on the page and in real life.

Her company Finesse Designer, is the brain child of Wendy Jackman.

Books By Josepha Gail

Soulful Illumination

An eternal song

That grows in my heart

The most divine treasure

Of God’s majestic creation.

And so begins the journey into the mind of Josepha Gail. A poet manages to evoke moments of splendor with just the tip of her pen.